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How to Use Moonraker Audiences

Please follow the instructional videos below to learn how to use our hyper-engaged audiences in your client campaigns.


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Your client's site needs at least 10K unique monthly sessions to achieve the best results. Our algorithm optimizes more effectively the more traffic it analyzes. The higher the traffic the better your results will be.

No. A single pixel works on multiple sub-domains, landing pages and a variety of site configurations, allowing you to use Moonraker audiences in as many different campaigns as you like.

Please reach out for details on how to configure more complex setups.

Moonraker audiences work just as well in keyword-based search campaigns as retargeting campaigns.

No. You will no longer need to use any interest or demographic groups in your campaign targeting as the Moonraker audiences are designed to be a comprehensive and auto-optimizing solution.

We encourage your team to continue split-testing messaging and collateral as always.

If you currently have an exclude list of past conversions and existing clients then please leave it in place, as our technology does not automatically exclude this group.

No. Our custom audiences automatically exclude bots and fraudulent traffic as well as low engagement human visitors. All you need to do is point your existing campaigns at our hyper-engaged lookalike audiences to get amazing results.

Results get rolling once we can build out lookalike audiences in Facebook and Google.

A Facebook lookalike audience requires at least 300 people in a custom audience as a seed audience. Our identity resolution tech resolves 90% of site visitors and our algorithm segments about 5-10% into our custom audiences.

Your client's site will need around 6,500 unique visitors to reach the threshold for a Facebook lookalike audience and about 22,000 for a lookalike from Google. The sooner that threshold is met, the faster we can achieve results.

Our tech identifies and segments both paid and organic traffic, so a site that is already generating good traffic from SEO, content creation, influencer marketing, etc. will reach the threshold much sooner than a site that is just starting out.

The same goes for campaigns running a high vs low budget. Campaigns will need at least 10K unique monthly sessions for our tech to really shine. Results will continue to improve the higher the monthly traffic.

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