Lower Your Campaign Costs by 30-70% in Less Than 90 Days

The success of your campaign relies on the quality and timeliness of your targeting. Even the best ads will flop if they target the right people at the wrong time.

Identifying in-market prospects is notoriously difficult. Moonraker eliminates the guesswork with real-time engagement scoring, serving your ads only to people who are most likely to convert right now.

Our algorithm learns from site visitor behavior, automatically improving your targeting as new site visitors are analyzed.

Hyper-Engaged Audiences Synced to Your Client’s Ad Channels

Real-Time Audience Sync: As new site visitors arrive, they are pushed to your client’s ad channels in real-time, growing your custom audiences and improving the optimization of our algorithm. 

Continuously Optimized Lookalikes: Our tech continually optimizes your lookalikes as new audience members are added, providing the most timely and effective targeting possible.

Ad Bots are Auto-Excluded from Your Audience: There is no need to manually exclude ad bots or fraudulent clicks, as our system has already done the work for you.

Eligible for Multiple Campaign Types: Moonraker custom audiences are eligible for use in Google Search, YouTube, Display, Gmail, Hotel and Discovery campaigns. 

What is Identity Resolution?

When a visitor lands on your client’s site, our technology analyzes a unique fingerprint of key data points that are linked to the visitor’s device and browser profile.

A unique profile of each visitor is created, allowing you to track their behavior across your client’s site, ad channels and digital content, including online and offline purchases.

Our technology is cookie-free and resolves over 90 percent of global site visitors, converting them into permanent, portable first-party data that is owned by your client and can be used on all major ad channels.

We currently track over 8 billion devices worldwide, recognizing several devices per person.

Identity Resolution is the Key to Hyper-Targeting

Our proprietary algorithm uses real-time engagement scoring to segment your client’s identified site visitors based on dozens of key behavioral metrics, automatically creating a hyper-engaged custom audience of in-market prospects.

We sync this highly-optimized audience to Google, Facebook and other major marketing channels in real-time to create incredibly powerful lookalikes that cause your CPC and CPA to drop by 30-70% while conversions increase.

Identity Resolution is the Key to Hyper-Targeting 1

Identity Resolution is the Key to Hyper-Targeting 2

Identity Resolution is the Key to Hyper-Targeting 3

Identity Resolution is the Key to Hyper-Targeting 4

Identity Resolution is the Key to Hyper-Targeting 5

Eliminate Ad Bot Fraud

Ad bot fraud will cost advertisers $24 Billion in 2020. That’s more revenue than the illegal drug trade! 

Click fraud exists on ALL major channels, including Facebook and Google, and wastes 15-30% of your campaign budget.

But bots never buy anything online, and that’s one of the best ways we can identify fraud traffic.

Our system is built on identity resolution that uses a regression algorithm to analyze the online history of site visitors. Just as we can tell which visitors are real human beings, we can also very easily tell who isn’t.

Once a bot is identified, it is permanently excluded from your targeting and will never waste your client’s budget again.

Enterprise-Level Privacy Compliance

Zero PII Exposure: Zero hashes or PII data is required to create Moonraker audiences, keeping your client’s assets safe and your agency free from liability.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Compliant: No pop-up cookie banners required.

CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) Compliant

Simple Onboarding Process

Grant Permissions: Our tech requires admin permissions to your client’s Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager accounts, as well as the ad channels where you would like to sync Moonraker audiences. We recommend Google Ads and FB Ads to start, as their lookalike audiences yield absolutely incredible results.

We can sync audiences to other major channels including LinkedIn, Bing, TikTok, Pinterest, Quora, Snapchat, etc.

Moonraker Pixel is Installed: A single code snippet is installed on your client’s site via Google Tag Manager. No access to the site is necessary and no visual or functional changes will occur to the site. Moonraker is cookie-free and requires no pop-ups or maintenance.

Upgrade Campaign Targeting: Once the pixel is installed, Moonraker audiences will be configured in your client’s ad accounts. All you need to do is split-test an existing campaign and set one variant to Moonraker targeting. Run the same budget on both and watch as our targeting makes your costs plummet.

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