Client Onboarding

How to Grant Moonraker Permissions

Please follow the instructional videos below to connect Moonraker to your client’s site and campaign.


Google Tag Manager

Google Analytics

Google Ads

Facebook Ads (Our Business ID: 2308047496109784)


Additional Ad Channels: Please request instructions to connect LinkedIn, Bing, TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc.

Pixel Installation: Once permissions are granted, we will install the pixel onto your client’s site via Google Tag Manager and verify that it is working properly. Custom audiences will begin to sync immediately.

Auto-Optimized Lookalikes: Lookalike audiences are automatically created and optimized as new site visitors are analyzed.



Onboarding FAQ


No. All we need is manager permissions to your client's Google Tag Manager account to push the pixel to their site. 

Our system automatically verifies pixel installation once it is pushed to your client's site.

Once installation has been verified and permissions are granted to your client's ad channels, Moonraker audiences will begin syncing in real-time.

At a minimum, we need Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics to install the pixel on your client's site. In order to utilize custom audiences, we need to connect to at least one ad channel, preferably Facebook or Google Ads. 

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