Case Studies

Let The Numbers Do The Talking

Our team works with dozens of clients from a variety of industries and our technology skyrockets campaign results every time.

Below is a handful of some of our proudest moments. This list is consistently updated with new success stories. 

10-Day Healthcare Case Study

Below is a screenshot of the Google Ads Manager from a healthcare client with a $10K monthly budget.

We conducted a split test from Feb 21 – Mar 1, 2020, running identical ads with the client’s targeting vs Moonraker hyper-targeting. The results are startling:

Interaction Score increased by 99%

Conversions increased by 450%

Conversion Rate increased by 163%

Cost per Click reduced by 47%

Cost per Acquisition reduced by 80%


Agency Case Study

A media buying agency needed to show improved performance for their clients or risk losing accounts. The agency was spending too much ad budget on vague “Interests groups” in Facebook Ads and non-performing keywords in Google Adwords.

Our combined technology of Identity Resolution, AI-Powered Behavioral Hyper-Targeting and Ad Bot Blocking quickly turned their campaigns around by delivering custom audiences into their existing campaigns that really worked. Each week, the results kept improving by only putting ads in front of people who are in-market to purchase the customer’s product. Below are the results within 90 days:

Cost per Click reduced by 92%

Cost per Conversion reduced by 26%

Conversion Rate increased by 89%

Interaction Score increased by 17%

Saved 49% of total budget and converted at a higher rate

Personal Finance Case Study

A large personal finance lead generation website needed to reduce their cost per acquisition and increase the volume of high-quality leads in the Home Refinance category. Their internal digital marketing team is highly skilled at paid search campaigns but was curious about our claims. They have a skeptical CEO who wants to see results immediately or she will pause campaigns and move on to other ideas.

We configured our pixel to monitor when a person uploads documents into the client’s portal. This is a strong proxy for a completed refinance loan. Started on 5/21/20 and by 6/4/20 the following results were achieved:

Cost per Click reduced by 32%

Cost per Conversion reduced by 44%

Conversion Rate increased by 8%

Mortgage Loan Case Study

A large mortgage loan company was doing well with their paid search program but felt they were “hitting the ceiling” with their current digital efforts. We asked them if they knew how much budget was being spent on ad bots. They did not have an answer but knew the problem existed.

Within 3 weeks, our identity resolution technology found that they were spending a whopping 36% of their budget on retargeting to robot traffic from paid search campaigns. Now, all of that budget is allocated towards real people at the right time. Bots were added in real-time to Exclude lists in Google Adwords to make sure no new budget is ever spent on them again.

The budget was reallocated to high-value segments that were ready to purchase a home

This brought 12 new purchase loans worth $52,600 within 3 weeks

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