Double conversions and maximize ad spend for clients

AI-powered targeting automation reduces CPC by 30-70% and eliminates bot traffic to free up budget and skyrocket conversions

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Targeting automation and
ad bot blocking is more important than ever


Leading Tech Publisher

Bots drove nearly 40% of traffic last year — and the problem is only getting worse.

CDN powering 25M+ websites

As much as 20% of websites that serve ads are visited exclusively by fraudulent click bots.

Senior VP of Retail, Apple

Consumer data will be the biggest differentiator in the next 2-3 years. Whoever unlocks the reams of data and uses it strategically will win.

Billionaire Investor

Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, whatever you’re doing – if you don’t understand it, learn it. Otherwise, you’ll be a dinosaur in 3 years.

Client Results

47% decrease

Conversion Rate
+163% increase

Interaction Score
+98% increase

Your clients keep telling you the same thing

They want to acquire more customers while improving return on ad spend.

They are frustrated by mediocre results and the inability to profitably scale campaigns. 

You’re anxious about hitting your targets

Digital marketing is more crucial than ever, but campaigns are getting MORE EXPENSIVE, and for many, NOT WORKING.

You’ve tried everything:

Dozens of channel experiments
Read everything under the moon about attribution
Curled up in a fetal position and cried (we know the feeling…)

If you don’t achieve profitability for clients, it’s harder to justify your retainer or management fees.

You COULD increase ad spend…

But you’d be burning through your client’s budget wastefully.

Einstein once said, “The definition of insanity is trying the same thing and expecting a different result.

So don’t be insane… there’s a better way.

It’s not your fault.

The robots did it. Seriously.

Bots comprise roughly 50% of all internet traffic. As much as 20% of websites that serve ads are visited exclusively by fraudulent click bots.

This hurts your conversion rates and skyrockets your CPC.

It happens to everyone, but most agencies are completely unaware and vulnerable to this issue.

So stop lighting your client’s money on fire by investing in poorly-targeted, low-converting campaigns plagued by fraudulent bot traffic.

We know what it’s like to waste
on PPC with no results


We’ve been buying media for over two decades and struggled for years to remove bots from our targeting. Our algorithm is designed to completely eliminate fraudulent traffic from your campaigns. 

Moonraker is a proprietary, cookie-free pixel that reduces CPC and CPA by 30-70% in less than 90 days through a combination of ID Resolution, AI Hyper-Targeting and Ad Bot Blocking technology.

When a visitor lands on your client’s site, Moonraker matches their unique fingerprint with our 8 Billion+ device database and deterministically resolves their identity.

We call this Hyper-Targeting, and it allows you to auto-segment site visitors based on dozens of key behavioral metrics, resulting in skyrocketed conversion rates for your campaigns.

How Moonraker works

What you do:

Connect Moonraker to your client’s site and campaign

Upgrade your targeting to the Moonraker audience

Sit back and watch as your campaign costs plummet

What Moonraker does:

90% of global site visitors are identified on any device

Our algorithm analyzes the on-site behavior and online transaction history of site visitors

A hyper-engaged audience of in-market prospects is synced to your ad channels

Targeting automatically optimizes as new site visitors are analyzed, creating a powerful feedback loop


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Shoot for the moon
like these featured clients

Large mortgage broker increased conversions by 450% in 10 days.

The client split-tested identical ads with baseline vs Moonraker hyper-targeting on a $10K monthly budget.

• Interaction Score increased by 99%
 Conversions increased by 450%
 Conversion Rate increased by 163%
 Cost per Click reduced by 47%
 Cost per Acquisition reduced by 80%


Large personal finance lead gen website achieved a 44% reduction in cost per conversion within 2 weeks.

They wanted to bring in higher quality home refinancing leads. Moonraker helped their ad ops team (and VERY skeptical CEO) to reduce CPC by 32% and increase conversions by 8%.

Media buying agency improved conversion rate by 89% while saving 49% of total ad budget within 90 days.

They were losing accounts from ad campaigns targeting vague FB interest groups and weak keywords on Google. Within 90 days with Moonraker hyper-targeting, they had reduced CPC by 92% and CPA by 26%.

Large mortgage company had plateaued in campaign ROI. Within 3 weeks they brought in $52,600 of sales.

We helped the client identify that a whopping 36% of their Google Adwords budget was wasted on bots. With Moonraker, click fraud is automatically eliminated from their campaigns.

Benefits of Moonraker


Drastically improve the conversion rates of ANY client campaign with no effort. Simply upgrade to the Moonraker audience and targeting will auto-optimize as new site visitors are analyzed.

Stop spending your client’s hard-earned money marketing to ad bots and fraudulent traffic and focus your campaigns only on the most highly-engaged, in-market prospects.

Save 30-70% of your campaign costs while simultaneously seeing a massive increase in conversions within weeks.

There is ZERO training necessary to use Moonraker custom audiences and no changes required to your copy or collateral.

Ready to convert leads at a fraction of the cost and scale your campaigns to the moon?

Moonraker works almost instantly. Just provide a few permissions, upgrade your campaign targeting and watch as your conversions skyrocket.


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